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Five 1 Legendary Icons' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Five 1 Legendary Icons


This is a graphic community. We do everything from icons to banners and other graphics that deal with LiveJournal and only LiveJournal. We have steped up our skills we're now better than ever. Me _deserve own this graphics community for about a year and a half. I couldn't be happier with the results so far. With that said welcome to Five1_Icons.


_header done by users/_deserve
_coding by users/karina_p


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FAQ's [22 Mar 2007|08:34am]


Q. Why didn't I get accepted ?

A. It could be various of reasons , be specific and ask why YOU didn't get accepted,

Q. How do I know when my graphics are done ?
A. I will post a new post letting you know your graphics are done. When I do so you will need to pick up your graphic(s) and let me know it has been picked up, comment on the post to do so.

Q. What happens if I don't follow a rule ?

A. Every consequence is on the extended rule page. Every rule is stated and beside it are the consequences.

Q. How do I know when you're feeling like doing a pet or text only icon ?

A. You can either make a new post asking me or you can comment on any post I have posted asking , I'll eventually answer you letting you know weather I will do it or not.

Q. Why won't you do text only/pet icons ?
A. Simply because with an animal icon I can't really get creative and I just don't know almost every animal icon I have done comes out like shit. I don't do text only icons because I lack creativity for that background and really don't have a photo to work with. I learned how to do icons with photos so I'm sticking with that.

any other question you might have please feel free to comment here so it can be added to the FAQ's

Extened Rules ... [15 Mar 2007|12:58pm]

that must be followed at every time.

These rules are more simple for you to understand than the ones on the user info ... feel free to ask any question that you might have. I don't bite I promise ;). (referring to the rules ONLY.)

-No hotlinking , meaning when I provide you with your icon please don't use the URL provided by me.

-Not cross posting , meaning if you requested something here && it has not been taken care of that doesn't mean go ahead and request the same thing in another community. Because usually I get to all  my request I just take time to actually do them. This also means , you can not request something you've requested here on another community. That will lead you to instant BAN.

-If at anytime you don't like your icon let me know , don't just not use it thats plan and simply rude. Because I take the time to do something for you && you don't use it .. that will also lead you to instant BAN. (that's the reason why we have a limit on to how long it may take you to pick up your icon/graphic && actually use them(it).)

-Don not request here for any other website but LJ I don't want to see any of my graphics in any other journal community or myspace or any of those sites. If you fail to do so , you'll get ONE warning after that one warning you'll instantly be banned.

-Your limit as to how long you have to actually use the graphics provided by me is 1 week meaning seven days. If you pick up your icon/graphic on Monday March 12 you must put it up && use the graphic by March 19 the next Monday. If you fail to do so , that's instant ban.

-You must leave a comment stating you have picked up your icon , so I can start counting the week. You have 3 days to pick up your graphic ... if you fail to do so I'll let you know your graphic has been done && if within 24hrs you don't answer me you'll get a warning , if it happens again ... I'll re-move you from the community && you'll have ONE more chance to re join. (that doesn't mean i'm going to give you your membership back , it really depends on how i'm feeling that day)

-Do not ever give me an example as to how you want your icon to look , every icon/graphic i make is unique in it's own way. && also it's annoying trying to re-do something.

-No pet icons/graphics ... unless otherwise stated.

-Not being active will lead you to ban , simple as that. I take no excuses grown people don't use excuses.

-Do not alter my graphics , if for some reason you don't like something I'll change it. But don't ever think you can touch someones else's work. That will lead you to automatic ban! AND I'LL MAKE SURE EVERY GREAT COMMUNITY KNOWS ABOUT YOU.

-Always provide me with more than one picture , just in case one doesn't work I can use the other one , *ALWAYS MAKE SURE IT'S HIGH QUALITY.* If you fail to follow this rule , i won't even bother looking at your request.

-Do not request more than one request per-week , because I'm the only maker here right now && the most I can take is one icon and or graphic per-week. If you request more than one per week I'll give you a warning if you keep doing it then I'll just simply take you off the community's list.

-Text only icons , are really annoying ... I don't accept text only unless otherwise stated.

These rules are to ALWAYS be followed. No matter what , I simply don't want to be coming back && telling you what you're doing wrong.

*NOTE; If you have read these rules , please leave a comment here. & in order for you member ship to be accepted you need to read these rules just like the ones in the userinfo.*


Public. [21 Feb 2006|04:52am]

Ok so no more five1_icons I'm closing it down as of today. The requests that I have pending wont be filled sorry. It was nice having this community but it never really grew to anything special. I do have a new graphic journal delineatedgpx but it's not a requesting community. If you do like me and want to request from me go to the following : vanishedicons , _amazingicons , critically , and oriqinal_work. I won't delete five1 cause maybe one day I would like to come out , but please unjoin the community by tomorrow. Thanks.

Request for wayward_type [14 Jan 2006|02:09am]

I Wanna You Know What ♥Collapse )

Members only [11 Nov 2005|04:17pm]

This means I will either accept you or reject you according to what I see && ask for.

CLICK HERECollapse )

CLICK HERECollapse )


-Let me know who send you here in this entry.



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